World Refrigeration Day to celebrate the contribution of Lord Kelvin at InstallerSHOW

World Refrigeration Day, which has its UK launch at InstallerSHOW on 26 June, will be marking the 200th anniversary of Lord Kelvin’s birth, alongside celebrating the people and technologies responsible for creating and maintaining the world we live in.

This year’s World Refrigeration Day focuses on the theme Temperature Matters to underscore the profound impact of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry on indoor environmental quality, extending beyond cooling and heating.

The day is celebrated by industries and their associations around the world, focusing on ‘looking outwards’ to demonstrate the influence to the public and to decision makers outside of the industry. Last year saw around ten thousand events taking place internationally.

This year marks the bicentenary of Lord Kelvin, a pioneer in thermodynamics, known for the absolute temperature scale. The theme ‘Temperature Matters’ pays homage to his legacy, highlighting the essential role temperature regulation plays in society World Refrigeration Day founder Steve Gill said:

This year’s theme emphasises the importance of efficient temperature control in sustainable development, human comfort, and environmental protection amidst growing energy demands and climate change. Lord Kelvin’s work has paved the way for heat pump technologies, which are central to low-carbon heating strategies. These technologies illustrate the application of refrigeration principles to heating, demonstrating the industry’s critical role in our decarbonisation efforts.

World Refrigeration Day 2024 will feature global initiatives aimed at educating the public on the various applications of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pumps.

Stephen added,

The broad theme of Temperature Matters allows people worldwide to address local issues and target audiences. By focusing on a universal theme, the day aims to foster global recognition and discussion about the sector’s wide-ranging impact…The campaign will also promote career opportunities in the HVACR sector, urging schools and colleges to explore diverse and impactful industry roles.

The UK events at InstallerSHOW will include an opening presentation by Stephen Gill and an interview with Charlotte Robinson, the winner of the women in cooling European video competition. Other WRD events at the show will include a drinks reception celebrating Lord Kelvin’s birthday and on Thursday 26 June a women in cooling panel session and networking event for women in heating and cooling.

Cooling industry experts will also be taking part in a range of informative sessions on 26 June at the show, including discussion of F-Gas, refrigerants and supermarket cooling.

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