Warmafloor announces new heat recovery ventilation system

Indoor climate specialist Warmafloor, part of the Wavin Group, has launched a new range of mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems.

The Ventiza range is said to offer a complete end-to-end solution, which helps to control the flow of air into any residential space.

As the focus continues to grow for developers and specifiers around ensuring that both new-build and refurb projects are well insulated, it’s also vital that there is a fresh flow of air to help boost end-user wellbeing and ensure homes are hygienic and healthy spaces.

This is where mechanical ventilation systems can work with existing heating systems, including underfloor heating, to provide a truly efficient complete solution for indoor climate in the home. The Ventiza range uses premium quality heat exchangers and has an extremely low power consumption to ensure an effective result, helping to keep bills as low as possible for end-users, and warm, clean air in circulation.

Available in a range of sizes and variations for different types of property, the ventilation systems ensure a high air quality output for any property type – including flats and apartments, with a special low profile, ceiling-mounted unit available.

Tony Croke, Product Manager Indoor Climate Solutions at Wavin, said: “As innovations across the construction industry continue to make developments as efficient as possible, it’s important that advancements in insulation don’t lead to poor air quality in residential spaces. This is where mechanical ventilation comes in, and if systems are designed and specified correctly, these solutions can vastly improve air quality and end-user wellbeing.

“The new Ventiza range is an intuitive system that can work with our innovative Sentio control units too – meaning residents have complete oversight of their entire indoor climate systems through the use of the smart control unit.”

Ventiza has been independently tested by BRE and has been found to exceed building regulation requirements in the UK and as with all other Warmafloor offerings, the  range is offered as part of its turnkey solution, which includes a full design, supply, installation, and commission service.

For more information Warmafloor’s product offerings, visit: warmafloor.co.uk