Vent-Axia’s webinar on ventilation regulation


The webinar will run twice this month and is aimed at housebuilders, M&E contractors, consultants and architects.

Published on 15th December 2021, the Building Regulations bring significant changes for housebuilders with the new amended Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power), set to help the UK deliver net zero with a reduction of almost a third less carbon for newbuild homes.

Increasingly airtight homes must consider indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect the wellbeing of inhabitants and so the new Part F (Means of Ventilation) sets out to increase ventilation rates and will drive adoption of low-carbon ventilation as an industry standard.

The hour-long webinar will be presented by the company’s Product Manager Joe Tse and Product and Marketing Director Richard Paine, scheduled to take place on the following dates:

•    Wednesday 9th March 2022 at 12pm.
•    Wednesday 16th March 2022 at 12pm.

Other topics it will include are an explanation of the ventilation solutions available for newbuild homes; design considerations such as noise and ingress of pollutants; as well as installation and commissioning. There will also be the option to ask questions at the end.

Joe Tse said: “We welcome the new Building Regulations, which is set to help the UK deliver net zero with a reduction of almost a third less carbon for new homes. However, the cut in carbon emissions in Part L sets a challenge for housebuilders making it vital to increase ventilation in ever more airtight home.

“At Vent-Axia we are keen to help housebuilders comply with the Regulations by explaining the changes and how to meet them with our webinar offering the ideal opportunity to find out about the new legislation and to ask questions on how this might affect ventilation in their properties.”

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