Vent-Axia offers energy-saving launches for both residential and commercial applications

Vent-Axia has unveiled ventilation systems which claim up to 93% heat recovery

Both the commercial Sentinel Apex and the Lo-Carbon Sentinel Econiq make use of heat recovery to help specifiers create low carbon buildings, with both offering industry-leading low specific fan powers, along with up to 93% heat recovery and low embodied carbon, the firm says.

The manufacturer boasts that the five-model Sentinel Apex achieves the ‘holy grail’ by combining the highest level of IAQ and thermal comfort with the lowest energy and noise levels, thanks to that use of the latest motors and impellers with better-than-IE5 efficiency.

It features intuitive controls compatible with Vent-Axia’s range of Sentinel-X Sensors, allowing easily configurable set points ensuring optimised IAQ, via ePM10 50% extract and ePM1 55% supply filters (M5/F7 equivalent) as standard.

The Apex, which offers airflows up to 4000 cu m/hr, features an integral automatic summer bypass designed to provide free cooling when available which is sized to eliminate performance loss.

Louise McHugh, C&I Product Manager, said:

We understand the challenges that come with designing low-carbon buildings, which is why we want to make things as easy as possible for specifiers…We have also designed the Apex to have a low embodied carbon footprint and to help consultants we have used CIBSE TM65 data collection methodology to provide accurate and detailed carbon information.

By using the Sentinel Apex system with the matched range of Sentinel-X Sensors, occupancy and air quality can be monitored and the ventilation adjusted to the demand.

An integrated control system incorporates two levels of interface: one for the engineer allowing commissioning and one simpler one for the end-user allowing them to easily monitor and boost the system as required.

Vent-Axia says that by including a range of components and controls as standard with the unit, such as side and bottom access and an internal condensate tray. consultants do not need to specify multiple different components or precisely specify the level of control required when selecting a unit.

Residential application

The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Econiq is a whole house heat recovery system combining supply and extract ventilation in one unit. It boasts best-in-class specific fan powers as low as 0.39w/ls, along with up to 93% heat recovery and independently-measured sound levels as low as 15.5 dB(A), the Sentinel Econiq is designed and developed in the UK to offer the highest levels of comfort and functionality all year round. The Econic is also compatible with the Sentinel-X wireless control platform and controllable via the VentAxia Connect app as standard.

The firm has also introduced an app-based Commissioning Wizard which it boasts is ‘the easiest system on the market to commission’ and includes a Part F reporting function.

The Sentinel Econiq is available in three different sizes, offering airflow up to 180 l/s at 150pa. Automated functions include built-in intelligent humidistat, frost protection and summer bypass, while to further improve IAQ the Econiq offers ISO ePM 10 (M5) and ePM2.5 (F7) filtration options.