Utilita Energy customers to know running costs for each electrical appliance

Utilita Energy has announced the rollout of new energy intelligence feature My Energy, which gives households a detailed breakdown of what each electrical appliance costs to run.

The My Energy feature provides granular energy consumption breakdown, giving Utilita customers access to information that can cut their electricity wastage by 7% – typically around £55 a year.

 Utilita customers with an internet-connected GEO smart display are auto-enrolled to receive their consumption insights, which are generated by data collected through a small, in-built sensor known as a consumer access device (CAD) inside the smart display. This sends 10-second data to a secure cloud powered by Voltaware, the energy data intel experts. From there an AI-powered algorithm identifies what items are switched on and are consuming data, be that in standby mode, or turned on. The data automatically generates a bespoke monthly analysis delivered by email to each Utilita household.

Once households can see where their energy spend is going, they can compare notes with more than 20,000 Utilita community members, to improve their understanding of how their home is using energy: community.utilita.co.uk/.

George Waters, Utilita’s Chief Homes Services Officer, said:

The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy we don’t use and based on that belief we have created My Energy, a feature that gives households the most detailed breakdown of their energy consumption insights available from any energy supplier – for free.

Prompted by the recent wholesale price crisis, households taking part in Utilita’s My Energy beta trials demonstrated an insatiable appetite for understanding where their energy spend was going, and where they could make savings.

The current iteration of My Energy is market-leading in terms of the granularity of energy intel it provides, and we don’t charge for the service when other suppliers do. Due to its popularity, we will soon be integrating it into our award-winning My Utilita app which will enable Utilita households to opt-in to real-time push notifications via a phone or smart watch to remind them when items have been left on standby, or if a dishwasher is using a lot of power, to try a more efficient mode such as ‘eco’, for example. These smart notifications will inform people’s energy behaviours based on their movements, for example, if they leave the house, they will be notified that they have left lights or heat on, too.

Sergey Ogorodnov, Co-Founder and CEO of Voltaware, Utilita’s energy data intel partner, said:

Together, Utilita and Voltaware are improving households’ engagement with their energy usage and spend, and in doing so, we will help them to save the pocket and the planet. We are really motivated by Utilita’s mission to make this technology a native part of its app offering, and with a 95% smart-enabled customer base, it is the best supplier to showcase the savings that can be made.

For more information on My Energy visit the dedicated webpage: utilita.co.uk/my-energy.