Toshiba adds accessibility features to its touchscreen controller

Toshiba Carrier UK has introduced additional features to its Mini Touch Screen Controller to help visually impaired and physically disabled people control their indoor environment.

The new features are designed to enable people with visual impairment, hand tremors or limited movement to control comfort conditions in their space. Users can now navigate the screen using a simple swipe gesture to move through a carousel of large icons, enabling them to change the menu and to control the AC comfort parameters. This ‘No Boundaries’ functionality overcomes the need for aiming and pressing commands, making it easier those with visual impairment and hand disabilities to make adjustments, the firm notes.

To further enhance accessibility, the screen’s background colours can be changed to suit each individual. System faults are indicated by a large warning triangle, which shows the error in enlarged letters.

For owners and operators of buildings, the addition of the new controller can help them meet inclusion and accessibility requirements. David McSherry, Head of Sales, TCUK, said:

The additional functionality is designed to optimise accessibility, and be simple and intuitive to use. We believe it has an important role to play in public buildings, such as national and local government estates, the NHS, nursing homes, museums and leisure centres – as well as hotels, private hospitals, hospitality venues and people’s homes.