The next generation of personalised electric showers


Every drop makes a difference when it comes to showering, and with research from Triton Showers revealing that washing with an electric unit could save homeowners up to 76% in terms of energy consumption and more than 40 litres of water per shower, it is no surprise that this technology remains a great solution for many households.

Building on these foundations, the category is continuing to evolve, with the next generation of digital electric showers marking a significant milestone for the bathroom industry. New innovations, such as the ENVi® from Triton, have been created to balance personalised profiles, settings that encourage reduction of water and energy usage, and appealing aesthetics – making it even more appealing to go electric, where the application is suitable.

Here, Ashley Cooper, marketing director at Triton Showers, explains five key benefits of the next generation of personalised electric showers, from simple installation through to eco-features.

  1. Practical installation

Boasting an innovative design, the ENVi® offers installation flexibility that means you can fit with ease. The electric shower unit can be located up to 3m away from the control panel – making it suitable for installation in a surrounding loft space or an airing cupboard, depending on homeowner preference and household layout. This creates a sleek and minimalist finish within the showering space.

  1. An appealing aesthetic

While the new product leads the way to a future of more sustainable bathroom solutions that help the user save resources and money, it also provides an exceptionally stylish showering experience​​. Available in three on-trend finishes – black, copper and silver – and four showerhead configurations, the ENVi® allows flexibility to suit any design.

  1. Eco-benefits

Electric showers have long been an energy-efficient choice for homeowners, drawing on cold water mains to heat water on demand, and the next generation of personalised electric showering helps take this to the next level.

The ENVi® has been created to help empower end-users to reduce their water and energy usage and features a display that provides water, energy and cost feedback on individual shower use. An industry first, the innovative shower provides a stepping stone to the future of efficient, more sustainable solutions in the bathroom to help save water, energy, and money, while providing a stylish showering experience​​.

  1. Innovative design features

Set apart from other solutions available on the market, ENVi® hosts a digital display control panel which enables users to adjust water temperature, set a timer and easily monitor water and energy usage. The control panel enables customised showering accommodating six user profiles and features an eco-mode, making it simple for users to reduce water and energy usage by showering for less time. It also offers thermostatic functionality for temperature stability.

  1. A manufacturer committed to moving the dial on sustainability

Triton continues to lead the industry in eco-friendly shower solutions, empowering customers to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on quality or style.

In 2021 Triton achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon; followed by being accredited with Carbon Neutral status in 2021; and again in 2022 – underlining its commitment to reduce carbon emissions year on year, as part of its ambition to achieve Carbon Net Zero alignment by 2028.

From the manufacturing process and materials used, through to recyclability at the end of a product’s life, Triton is committed to turning the dial positively for the planet, every step of the way.

ENVI® is Triton’s first product verified and accredited by ClimatePartner, an independent foundation which has helped Triton to identify projects which reduce or remove carbon emissions and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to improve lives. The brand calculated the carbon-footprint of the full lifecycle of the ENVi® shower and is investing in climate projects to fully compensate for these emissions.

To learn more about Triton’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and explore the ENVi® product range, click here.