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Age UK renews calls for social tariff

A new report from Age UK has highlighted the need for a social tariff with discounted energy costs for those of all ages at greatest risk from the cold.

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British Gas supports calls for social tariff

Centrica‘s Group Chief Executive, Chris O’Shea, has said a social tariff for vulnerable households would be a “step in the right direction”. The comments came as part of an announcement regarding prepayment meters, where British Gas stated they will stop using contractors to fit prepayment meters under court warrant. It unveiled plans for a series […]

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Citizens Advice calls for social tariff to fight fuel poverty

Citizens Advice is calling on the government to introduce an energy social tariff by 2024. The call for a social tariff comes in a new report commissioned by Citizens Advice and led by the Social Market Foundation and Public First. It would consist of a cash payment to fuel poor households, varying according to their […]

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