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One in four people believe heat pump myths

A survey carried out by Good Energy has found that at least one in four in the UK believe false information about heat pumps.

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Good Energy launches smart export for Feed-in Tariff customers

Good Energy is piloting smart export with plans to roll the service out to 80,000 customers this year. Good Energy – the UK’s largest voluntary Feed-in Tariff (FiT) administrator with over 180,000 generation customers – has introduced a smart export product for its FiT customers, which means they could earn more from the electricity they […]

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Good Energy to launch time of use tariff for electric vehicles

Good Energy has opened a  trial of a new electric vehicle (EV) tariff, which it plans to launch for all customers in early 2021. The new ‘time of use’ tariff will be the cheaper specialist EV offering from Good Energy, providing lower cost rates for charging outside of peak times. Developed using market research from […]

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