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Solar farms can boost biodiversity – but more data is needed

In the latest of his solar series for elemental, Dr Seb Berry discusses the latest report on solar farms’ impact on wildlife.

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Solar farms can be wildlife havens

A report from Solar Energy UK has found that solar farms are home to many declining species. The report, Solar Habitat: Ecological trends on solar farms in the UK, states that linnets, a bird on the UK’s red list of conservation concern, were found across more than half of the 37 solar farms in the […]

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Grosvenor Property UK reveals biodiversity strategy

Grosvenor Property UK has revealed its biodiversity strategy, to complement its  journey to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. Grosvenor Property UK committed to Valuing Nature as one of its four green goals in 2019  – this set out its ambition to create a significant biodiversity net gain across new developments and existing assets by 2030. […]

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