Sustainable solutions for bathrooms

Jamie Sandilands, Specification Sales Director, Grant Westfield, talks to elemental about the benefits of using its Multipanel bathroom range.

What types of projects are your products specified for?

Our products cater to a diverse array of projects, including social housing, local authority developments, national and regional housebuilders, hospitality establishments such as hotels and spas, care homes, student accommodation, and medical adaptations.

What are the advantages of using Multipanel instead of tiles?

The advantages of using Multipanel over traditional tiles are multifaceted. Firstly, they substantially reduce environmental impact, aligning with modern sustainability goals. Secondly, complete waterproofing ensures durability and longevity, which is reflected in our remarkable 30-year guarantee, providing peace of mind to customers. Additionally, Multipanel facilitates quick and easy installation using our unique Hydrolock technology. Precisely engineered, Hydrolock allows panels to be joined together without the use of mid-joints, to create a smooth, almost seamless expanse of waterproof walls. Multipanel’s easy cleaning properties of being grout-free make maintenance hassle-free. Moreover, Multipanel can be conveniently fitted over existing tiles, reducing the need for extensive preparation work.

What support do you provide installers in the industry?

In 2021 we launched Multipanel University or MU as we call it. This programme is designed to plug the skills gap when it comes to fitting wall panels to ensure perfect results for both domestic and commercial customers alike.

Comprising a range of topics, the step-by-step course covers room measurement, panel specification, profile selection and recess management, as well as installation approach techniques.

It is completely free for installers to access and develop their skills and knowledge – easily accessed at We also have a Find an Installer search tool on our website, where homeowners can search for local installers in their area to complete their bathroom project. Installers can register to be added on our website, driving extra business from tradesmen in the field.

How important is sustainability to you as a company?

Sustainability is paramount to our company ethos. It serves as a guiding principle, influencing every aspect of our operations. We recognise the importance of environmental stewardship in today’s world and are committed to ensuring that our products meet stringent sustainability standards. All Grant Westfield products are 100% recyclable, FSC certified, and MIB accredited. Furthermore, we recently obtained an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), underscoring our dedication to transparency and environmental responsibility.

What trends are you seeing in the bathroom sector, and do you have any predictions for the next 12-18 months?

One of the emerging colour trends for 2024 in the bathrooms are neutrals. Rather than just been one tone throughout, we’ll see a shift towards a colour palette that will have layers of different tones to help it not feel one-dimensional but not overly busy either. Choosing a neutral colour scheme provides a timeless appeal to a bathroom which is why I think it will do so well over the coming months.  This trend is predicted to develop into richer tones, in particular browns. This, coupled with natural materials that help bring the outdoors in, means products that replicate the look of wood are going to be popular.

Built-in baths are also gaining popularity for their seamless integration into contemporary bathroom designs. There’s also a growing preference for Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics, characterised by clean lines, minimalism, and natural elements. Looking ahead, we anticipate these trends to continue over the next 12-18 months, with an emphasis on personalised, spa-like retreats within the home.