Solar spotlight: Waxman Energy

In the first of a new series of interviews with experts from the solar industry – Solar Spotlight – we spoke to Sam Waxman, MD of Waxman Energy.

Where are you seeing the most demand for solar at the moment?

We are currently seeing huge demand in residential and commercial, which is a change from last year when we saw a much larger demand in the commercial sector.

Are you expecting the Future Homes Standard will have an impact to demand?

You would hope so. Although the standard doesn’t directly insist on solar PV as a compulsory technology, to install it still remains one of the cheapest solutions when looking to reduce carbon. This, along with the current energy crisis, would make solar the most likely technology to install.

Where are the skills shortages and what can be done about filling the knowledge gap?

I believe there are skill shortages throughout the whole supply chain at the moment. There are plenty of courses that are starting to be run through the likes of NAPIT and others but taking education back to, schools, colleges and universities has to be the future.

What role do you think community solar energy projects can play in decarbonising homes and businesses?

There are many opportunities for community projects to generate a revenue through grid servicing via storage – this can be reinvested back into the community projects whilst reducing carbon and contributing to the decarbonisation targets.

Did the VAT cut inspire more interest from consumers?

Yes absolutely, however with the current energy crisis, I believe that has been the catalyst for the recent aggressive spike in growth.

What would like to see government doing to support the industry’s growth?

It seems we have a government that encourages and lobbies on every other technology even when they are still in their infancy, like hydrogen.  We would like to see the government looking to encourage more domestic and commercial installs of solar to assist with the issues at hand, this could be encouraged by offering interest free loans for solar, lower interest rates on green mortgages and to insist that all new homes at planning stage must have solar PV.

How important is integrating other tech (such as storage and EV charging) to maximise a solar installation’s potential?

Storage is extremely important, now more than ever. With the current price of electricity, you want to maximise all of your production. It also takes you a step closer to being less dependent on the grid and taking control of your energy supply.

About Waxman Energy

Waxman Energy is an award-winning renewable energy company, and one of the UK’s largest distributors of PV modules, inverters and mounting systems.

Part of the Waxman Group, Waxman Energy’s own site is equipped with battery storage technology from Alpha ESS and solar PV systems giving an overall system capacity of 39.39kW.