Smart sockets reduce energy costs by over a fifth has installed its smart power sockets in the office of PKF Francis Clark in Bristol. is a UK tech company that designs and manufactures smart, machine-learning enabled power sockets that will reduce the energy costs of PKF Francis Clark’s Bristol office by more than 20%.

The solution eliminates ‘small power’ waste, which is energy not required by devices that are plugged in or directly wired; such as printers, AV equipment, chilled and hot water taps, monitors, and heaters, and which are often left fully on or in standby mode overnight.  Up to 40% of total electricity usage in most commercial office buildings can be attributed to this type of energy use. 

CEO and Co-Founder of, Dan Williams, said:

My electricity-saving message to companies is to not be fooled by the small size of certain devices.  A very high percentage of an office occupier’s electricity bill hides in the shadows, among small gadgets and forgotten chargers.  This silent power drain adds up faster than tenants think, and without ever realising it.  Powered by machine learning, our plug sockets will automatically identify and eliminate ‘Small Power’ waste for PKF Francis Clark, turning every appliance in their Bristol office into a cost-saving superhero.

Jim Solomon, Regional Facilities Manager at PKF Francis Clark, said:

Since deploying’s AI-powered sockets, we have not only reduced our office’s energy consumption of the devices using the sockets by 38%, but have also gained invaluable insights into our power usage patterns. This technology has been instrumental in our efforts to operate more sustainably and efficiently.

Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO, said:

We are very pleased to have installed’s technology in our flagship Bristol property for a key tenant, PKF Francis Clark.  We acquired 90 Victoria Street in Bristol in April 2023, and ROCP’s investment into Reading-based was also made early in 2023.

That investment was driven by the need to reduce energy, and we are delighted that PKF Francis Clark’s values align with our own, and that of  We look forward to seeing their simple solution for office occupiers who are under pressure to take action, cut energy costs, and reduce emissions installed in more properties around the country, as the business looks to scale.

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