Sky Sports News recognised as carbon neutral channel

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Sky Sports News has been recognised as a carbon neutral sustainable production by albert, the organisation leading sustainability for the UK TV and film industry.

The accreditation follows on from its Transfer Deadline Day broadcast, which has received albert certification since October 2020.

Jonathan Licht, Managing Director at Sky Sports said: “We’re delighted that Sky Sports News is now a carbon neutral channel and has received certification from albert. The dedicated team has worked tirelessly to improve the sustainability of our productions, reduce the environmental impact, and support Sky’s overall target of being net zero carbon by 2030.

“We hope our progress will inspire positive change in the industry and that collectively we can use the power of sport to encourage sports fans to reduce their own carbon footprint.”

The sports broadcaster has significantly reduced its emissions through remote productions and switched all its outside broadcast generators to run on biofuel in the UK and Ireland.

Sky Sports has also engaged with its of fans to inform them on how they can make small changes to reduce their own carbon footprint, leading to the creation of Game Zero, the world’s first net zero carbon football match at an elite level, played between Tottenham and Chelsea in September 2021.

Sky Sports News achieved albert certification by using 100% renewable energy in the studio and galleries, turning off equipment when not in use, reducing employee travel and using electric taxis when available, crewing local operators for shoots, and offsetting the remaining carbon with certified carbon offsets.

Tottenham Hotspur has finished top of the Premier League sustainability table, alongside Liverpool – scoring 23 out of 24 available points – and has signed up for the UN Race to Zero.

Donna-Maria Cullen, Executive Director, Tottenham Hotspur, said: “To have once again been named at the top of the Sport Positive League Table is fantastic recognition for the work that continues to be delivered across our organisation – now we must challenge ourselves to go further.

“Joining the UN Race to Zero is a significant next step on our journey and provides us with a clear pathway and emission reduction targets that we are prepared to meet.

“We look forward to working collectively with our staff, players, fans, partners and suppliers to achieve our goals.”