Samsung partners with British Gas on smart tech project

Samsung Electronics has partnered with British Gas on an initiative — an expansion of SmartThings Energy to integrate British Gas’ PeakSave incentive program — allowing users to make their home more energy-efficient with less intervention.

The integration of SmartThings Energy’s Auto Demand Response (Auto DR) feature with British Gas’ PeakSave will mean customers can automatically take part in the demand reduction events, without needing to do anything as the system adjusts appliances’ operating modes when an event is triggered.

There are a few different methods for activating SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR feature depending on the type of appliance. First, it can automatically turn on the AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy to save extra energy use in the supported appliances. Second, with the power-off function, users can consume less energy from having their appliances turned off when appropriate – this includes certain third-party lights and plugs. Savings can also be achieved through smart temperature adjustment for EHS (Heatpump) products and third-party thermostats.

SmartThings Energy helps users who do not own Auto DR-compatible appliances by sending alerts in the application when a peak event is triggered enabling users to take action in their own ways to save energy when notified.

Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics, said:

As one of the U.K.’s most trusted brands, British Gas is the perfect fit for us as an innovative technology business. Together we are now able to harness SmartThings Energy to provide customers with easier control into optimizing their daily routines and energy use.

Samsung has already rolled out its DR service in a number of other regions, including Seoul, California and New York in 2023. Samsung plans to explore further collaborations and continue to provide multi-faceted programs that contribute towards the Net Zero Home, as it looks to expand the service globally.

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