Rinnai offering free heating design service

Rinnai is offering a free heating and hot water system design service for customers.

Some properties are better suited towards a specific heating and hot water delivery system. For example, hybrid heat pump or solar thermal with BioLPG options could be considered the better solution for heating and hot water delivery when thinking of off-grid rural locations especially those with high demand for heating and hot water.

Inner-city occupants could be advised to look at utilising either hybrid designs, including hydrogen-ready units for gas blends of up to 20% along with products and systems of technical and practical feasibility.

Heating and hot water delivery

For example, if a customer owns an urban retirement community consisting of three Edwardian houses with a mixture of heating and hot water delivery applications, Rinnai can design and install a system that guarantees maximum output and minimises fuel and operational costs whilst considering the feasibility of the solution from the perspective of the building and budget.

Director of Operations Chris Goggin said:

We have positioned the Rinnai name as a company that offers the highest quality product and best available value with service excellence. It is a position of responsibility and we have maintained a stance of doing the absolute best we can for customers. We believe implicitly in this basic premise – we do the best we can, and we achieve what our customers want and expect. And that includes anticipating the future. We are manufacturers of proven excellence and are using our core competencies of design engineering solutions to suit all possible future needs and fuels.

For more information contact engineering@rinnai-uk.com