REHAU upgrades smart temperature control system

rehau smart controls

REHAU Building Solutions has upgraded its smart temperature control system.

The latest upgrades to the NEA SMART 2.0 have been made to help contractors and developers deliver efficiency on each project.

As building use and occupant habits change over time, the device also gives continued flexibility and adaptability to contractors and consultants to futureproof developments while the smart home market grows, as Franz Huelle, Head of Technical at REHAU Building Solutions, explains.

He said: “As we see offices and shops being converted into homes and flexible working spaces, the way we use buildings is changing more than ever, and with that so are occupant temperature requirements.

“In the wake of sustainability and renewable energy targets and changes in legislation, futureproofing buildings in terms of efficiency and environmental credentials must be prioritised no matter the building type. With the latest upgrades to NEA SMART 2.0, we are looking to assist contractors and consultants with ensuring all buildings meet efficiency requirements no matter the use, while satisfying the growing demand for smart controls long into the future.”

Suitable for new build and retrofitting for up to 60 rooms, the NEA SMART 2.0 uses an intelligent algorithm to regulate temperature and improve efficiency. Data learnt from occupant habits, in addition to remote sensors installed indoors and outside for weather compensation, allows the system to reach the desired end user temperature without excessive demand on the energy source.

To further help with efficiency demand, an optimised start feature has now been integrated. This begins to heat or cool ahead of the programmed time to reach the desired temperature in a controlled way to make sure the space is comfortable for occupants at the right time without excessive energy usage. A manual and automatic boost function is also available should the desired temperature need to be reached sooner.

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