REHAU launches RAUVIPEX pre-insulated pipe for heat networks

REHAU has launched RAUVIPEX, a high-performance pre-insulated pipe designed for district heating and heat network projects.

RAUVIPEX is described as an all-round performer, with high flexibility, low heat losses, and an innovative longitudinal watertightness barrier.

It is manufactured with REHAU’s PE-Xa carrier pipes, proven in industry for extreme durability for over 45 years. This has been combined with a newly developed fine-pored PUR foam, creating the optimum combination of insulation performance and improved bending elasticity.

The additional flexibility facilitates much easier installation, in turn resulting in reduced bending forces and faster construction times. Moreover, the pipework’s robust outer jacket makes use of U-shaped wave crests and thick walls, resulting in a pipe system that is not only extremely flexible, but durable.

It features a longitudinal water barrier to ensure maximum protection if the outer jacket was damaged. Welded all the way around, the longitudinal water barrier offers the best possible protection against moisture penetration into the pipe insulation.

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing & Technical at REHAU Building Solutions, said:

Years of experience in district heating projects and feedback from our customers has gone into developing RAUVIPEX. This is why we have focused on improving the bending forces and durability through an all-new design for this pre-insulated pipe.

This means it can be quickly and easily rolled out for large district heating projects, making the transition to more sustainable heating achievable in much shorter timescales.

RAUVIPEX’s design is intended to help accelerate the uptake of greener technologies – quick and easy to install, and reliable for decades to come once in the ground.

We strongly believe that innovations such as this will be key to decarbonising the nation’s heating, and we look forward to working with our customers on their upcoming projects.

RAUVIPEX will be available in 2.4m coils as standard. This change enables the pipework to be transported via standard HGVs, reducing carbon emissions before the pipe has even got to site. Project-specific coil lengths can be produced in coils of up to 2.8m wide and 1.6m long if required.

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