Navien UK launches R290 heat pump

Navien UK has unveiled its R290 heat pump at InstallerSHOW 2024.

The new R290 series features five models ranging from 4 to 17kW.

Sean Keleher, technical director at Navien UK, said:

The R290 heat pump introduces a host of innovative features poised to revolutionise the heating industry. With an ErP rating of up to A+++, this heat pump offers superior energy efficiency, making it an excellent choice for installers seeking the latest advancements in home heating technology.

Integral to the heat pump is its SWEP plate heat exchanger, featuring corrugated plates that create hot and cold channels. Compared to other heat exchangers, this design boasts a smaller carbon footprint and maximises material efficiency, with approximately 95% dedicated to heat transfer, which is said to enhance energy efficiency, lower operational expenses and create low-maintenance operations.

Sean continued:

Additionally, we’ve enhanced energy efficiency by integrating full DC inverter technology, enabling precise temperature control and seamless adaptation to changing conditions, ensuring consistent optimal performance.

Navien’s R290 heat pump is designed for user-friendly operation and features a smart touch display to provide homeowners with an intuitive interface that simplifies system control and monitoring, allowing users to easily adjust settings and maintain the perfect indoor climate by making the operation effortless. Putting control at the homeowner’s fingertips ensures a seamless experience, whether you’re fine-tuning the temperature or monitoring energy usage.

Sean added:

Our R290 Heat Pump offers advanced heating solutions that cater to the growing demand for eco-conscious and efficient home heating systems. With a focus on reducing carbon footprints and enhancing user experience, Navien continues to lead the way in sustainable heating technology.

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