Low-carbon and repairable hot water solution for homes

Innovating in response to both the climate agenda and circular economy drivers, smart cylinder business Mixergy showcased its latest solution at this year’s InstallerSHOW.

The Mixergy iHP X is an integrated heat pump cylinder that uses the company’s patented adaptive water heating technology. It provides housebuilders and developers with a cost-effective and convenient solution that is compliant with the Future Homes Standard.

It also helps homebuyers manage their energy bills and carbon footprint. Mixergy customers who sign up for a British Gas fixed-rate tariff can save a further £40 a year, too.

Independent test results

The Mixergy iHP was recently trialled by an independent testing house against another integrated heat pump cylinder from a leading manufacturer. The results were as follows:

  • 16% more hot water from the same volume;
  • 15% more efficient at 7°C; and 25% more efficient at 35°C; plus
  • 10% faster in boost mode.

Instead of taking hours to heat a cylinder full of water from the bottom up, the Mixergy iHP X heats water from the top down so it can become available in under 30 minutes.

Furthermore, because it only heats the water as needed, it can be up to a third smaller than other integrated heat pump cylinders, making it easier to position in a home.

Designed with ‘right to repair’

Mixergy iHP X is modular, so the heat pump and cylinder are separate, making them easier and lighter to transport, install and maintain, plus the parts are accessible as well.

Mixergy purposely designed the unit with ‘right to repair’ in mind, providing for a much longer product lifecycle. This also means the company can offer separate warranties, with 25 years for the cylinder and 5 years for the heat pump unit.

For convenience and efficiency, the iHP X can be controlled using the Mixergy app, also programmed to take advantage of smart electricity tariffs, even integrated with solar PV.

In addition, heating engineers will only need their G3 Unvented certificate.The refrigerant is pre-gassed and completely sealed within module, so F-gas certification is not required.

Industry name joins Mixergy as CCO

Also unveiled at the show was new Mixergy Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Keating. A past Chair of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, Andrew brings a wealth of industry experience gained at the likes of BDR Thermea Group, Wolesley, B&Q and M&S.

His appointment is a significant move for the firm, says Mixergy CEO Pete Armstrong:

We are very fortunate to have someone with his expertise and track record and I am very much looking forward to working with him to take the company to the next level!