Introducing the Compress 3000 AWP air to water commercial heat pump from Bosch


The new energy saving, efficient and sustainable heat pump – created by the UK’s leading heating and cooling manufacturer – is perfect for stand-alone and hybrid use for your next project.

Earlier this year, Bosch Commercial & Industrial launched the Compress 3000 AWP Air to Water Commercial Heat Pump – a sustainable heating solution for a variety of applications.

A state-of-the-art commercial heat pump that can be used as a stand-alone piece or part of a hybrid set-up, the Compress 3000 AWP Air to Water Commercial Heat Pump is the answer for sustainable, reliable and efficient heating.

The technology within the Compress 3000 AWP Air to Water Commercial Heat Pump means it is a trusted solution to meet carbon reduction targets. Being able to detect the most economical and environmentally-friendly combination based on outside temperatures, the Compress 3000 AWP Air to Water Commercial Heat Pump makes sustainable heating simple.

Key features include an R-32 refrigerant, with a reduced global warming potential of 675. Meanwhile, an inverter driven compressor reduces overall energy consumption and improves performance in meeting demand and reducing energy waste. It’s perfect for renovators looking to decarbonise and meet sustainability goals, whilst maintaining a comfortable environment.

The new unit has also been made more efficient, thanks to full inverter technology resulting in an efficiency rating of A++.

The unit boasts quiet operation in silent mode, and is fully-functional in temperatures ranging from -20°C to as high as 48°C – making it suitable for UK climates.

It’s also pre-fabricated, for easy installations and smooth maintenance – making it a great option for hybrid installs with existing heat sources such as gas and oil boilers. The range is also equipped with heating controls which can be placed in a convenient location of your choosing.

The Compress 3000 AWP Air to Water Commercial Heat Pump is available in10 output capacities ranging from 16kW to 89kW.  With the ability to be used for heating, domestic hot water and cooling, it is a truly versatile heat pump.

Key features:

  • Low carbon solution, perfect for decarbonisation and modernisation projects. Operates with R-32 refrigerant for reduced global warming potential of 675°C
  • Available in 16kW to 89kW outputs and can cascade up to 16 units to achieve up to 2MW
  • 10 different output capacities, making it incredibly versatile for any commercial application
  • Utilised for heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • Operates in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 48°C, and can provide hot water up to 60°C
  • Adjustable noise levels with four sound settings including silent mode
  • High SCOP: up to 4.41 at A7/W35
  • High EER: up to 3.11 at A35/W7
  • Efficiency rating A++.

Simon Tarr, National Projects Director at Bosch Commercial & Industrial, commented:

The CS3000 AWP is an exciting product for us, as we continue to innovate and deliver products to market that are sustainable and efficient – helping to hit not only our own but our customers’ sustainability goals whilst helping to add a modern heating and cooling solution to their next project.

With user-friendly functionality, quiet running and the ability to run in the coldest winters and hottest summers, the CS3000 AWP is well equipped to handle the great British weather, with minimal user interaction required besides the occasional tweak of a control.

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