How we generated electricity in Great Britain in 2023

National Grid ESO has shared insights on Great Britain’s 2023 energy mix.

It says that several records were broken last year, as various factors aligned to deliver new wind and solar generation, carbon intensity, and zero-carbon generation records, including:

  • The first time wind generation provided over 21GW of electricity
  • Maximum zero carbon record 87.6% on 4th January
  • Highest ever solar power at 10.971GW on 20th April
  • Minimum carbon intensity at 27 gCO2/kWh

2023’s electricity generation mix

In 2023, gas continued to play an important role in providing most of the electricity across Great Britain, but our use of gas was the lowest it’s been since 2015.

Electricity from wind turbines has continued to grow in its contribution to the operation of the national network and accounted for 29.4% of electricity generation.

Across 2023, zero-carbon electricity sources played a vital role in the generation mix, with over 50% of electricity coming from these sources in January, July, and October.

Overall, zero carbon sources outperformed traditional fossil fuel generation in 2023 by providing 51% of the electricity used this year, compared to 32% from gas and 1% from coal stations.

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