GTEC and SolarEdge to offer joint training

GTEC has partnered with SolarEdge to launch a joint course aimed at advancing expertise in solar energy.

The one-day courses (Scholar & Expert) combine GTEC’s hands-on training expertise with SolarEdge’s technology solutions. Designed for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of solar energy systems integration, the course offers comprehensive insights into the latest advancements and best practices in the field.

Participants will cover key topics and scenarios such as PV system design, installation, maintenance, monitoring and optimisation. Through a blend of conceptual understanding and hands-on practical sessions, attendees will acquire the necessary competencies to excel in deploying SolarEdge’s innovative solutions effectively.

Griff Thomas, MD at GTEC, said:

We are thrilled to partner with SolarEdge in launching this groundbreaking joint course. As renewable energy continues to reshape the global energy landscape, it’s imperative to equip professionals with the skills to navigate complexities and drive sustainable solutions. These courses represent our commitment to upskilling electrical installers to thrive in the renewable energy sector.

SolarEdge’s technology will be integrated throughout the course, providing participants with firsthand experience in leveraging advanced solutions for enhanced solar energy system performance, efficiency, and reliability. With access to SolarEdge’s state-of-the-art equipment and resources, attendees will gain valuable insights into optimising solar energy systems for maximum output and cost-effectiveness.

Jason Kirrage, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at SolarEdge, said:

We are excited to collaborate with GTEC in delivering this comprehensive course. By combining GTEC’s educational excellence with SolarEdge’s innovative solutions, we aim to empower professionals with the knowledge and tools to drive the widespread adoption of solar energy worldwide. Together, we can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

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