Good Energy to launch time of use tariff for electric vehicles


Good Energy has opened a  trial of a new electric vehicle (EV) tariff, which it plans to launch for all customers in early 2021.

The new ‘time of use’ tariff will be the cheaper specialist EV offering from Good Energy, providing lower cost rates for charging outside of peak times.

Developed using market research from EV data provider Zap-Map, the tariff will offer a lower price and longer off-peak charging window, starting earlier in the evening than other tariffs on the market. Zap-Map’s data provided in-depth insight on the preferences of EV drivers around charging, allowing Good Energy to develop a product that fits around their lifestyles.

It will allow customers to not only use genuine clean energy, sourced from Good Energy’s +1,600 renewable generators, but to support them using power to charge their vehicles at times of day when the whole grid is cleaner.

Juliet Davenport, CEO and Founder, Good Energy, and Chairman of Zap – Map said:

“The electrification of transport sits at the heart of the green revolution we are now witnessing. Put simply; any policy commitment towards achieving net zero cannot be delivered without fundamentally reshaping transport. The EV market in the UK, already growing fast, will have to accelerate even faster.

Good Energy is primed to position itself at the heart of this revolution. Zap-Map was an initial critical step for us. The strategic partnerships we have announced today, alongside the launch of our new EV tariff are the next steps. We will be helping to drive a cleaner greener future for transport.”

The three new partnerships are:


Through providing home charging solutions for both EV drivers and fleets, Mina help to make home charging cost effective and simple. For fleets, Mina solves a core problem of paying for work vehicles to be charged from home. For EV drivers, Mina provide a single monthly subscription for all charging costs. Together Mina and Good Energy will explore energy service solutions for customers adopting EVs.

Horizon Energy Infrastructure

Horizon offer innovative funding and partnership solutions for low carbon assets. Horizon will provide Good Energy business customers with asset backed funding for their charging infrastructure, as part of Good Energy’s One Point EV hardware solution for businesses. The funding solution will create financial flexibility for businesses with the initial costs of EV charging infrastructure.

Select Car Leasing

One of the UK’s largest independent specialists for car and van leasing, Select are appointing Good Energy as its green energy partner, providing Select customers with smart, 100% renewable electricity tariffs.

Further details of Good Energy’s new EV time of use tariff will be announced at launch in the new year, but customers can register their interest here.