Expert predicts growing demand for sustainable property next year

Property expert Daniel Chard from UK conveyancing solicitors, Bird & Co, has predicted increased dmeand for sustainable homes next year.

The prediction came in Daniel’s 2023 house buying predictions for what buyers will prioritise when buying a new home next year, following a recent survey found that 82% of buyers said they would be willing to pay more for an energy-efficient property.

He said:

Sustainable housing offers homeowners low operating costs, increased property value, a reduced carbon footprint and a generally healthier and happier way of living. For homeowners looking to reduce the cost of living, sustainable housing is really the future of buying.

The government’s plans to produce more sustainable housing will only encourage property buyers to think greener before buying. Energy prices are one of the biggest issues we’re facing, and the situation isn’t likely to change. Eco-friendly housing offers a great solution to these issues.

Other buyer trend predictions made include:

  • Less demand from first time buyers
  • Property prices remaining low
  • Interest in weather dependant homes
  • More people moving to the countryside

The interest in weather dependent homes highlights an awareness of the effects of climate control and the risk it poses to property. Homes that have become at risk to flooding are said to drop in value by a fifth, and buyers may be looking to avoid them as concerns over the rising sea level continue.