Energy-saving system for Hackney Depot

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) is helping to breathe life into a derelict former bus depot in London.

The Hackney Depot project, the first in London by 6AM Development, involves the revival of a 2000m² space above the depot which is now dedicated to local creatives.

Doveley Air specified and installed a system that was in keeping with the ethos of the project, low global warming potential products were selected that operate with R32 refrigerant and can still provide heating at -20˚C ambient temperature. System efficiencies are as high as ERP A++ with energy efficiency ratios and coefficient of performance rated as high as 4.49 and 4.37 respectively. A collection of 4-way cassettes of varying capacities are spread throughout the building, each connected to an MHIAE RC-EX3A eco-touch screen wired remote controller.

Ease of use is supported by the two programmable function buttons located on the front of the controller which allow quick access to functions such as energy saving setback modes and particular operating modes. System efficiency is improved, and operating cost reduced with additional motion sensors that are installed in the cassette fascias. These motion sensors can be set to either adjust desired room setpoints depending on occupant movement or used to place the unit in standby.

Doveley MD Peter Notley said price, reliability and backup were key reasons for specifying the MHIAE equipment and described the installation and commissioning to date as “a lovely straightforward job.’’

He added:

Quality and reliability are the main reasons I use MHIAE equipment. If it wasn’t quality, I wouldn’t put it in.” “One of the key selling facts with our customer was running costs. It does what it needs to and he is very happy with the heating it is providing, because it’s colder in the building than outdoors. We have used motion sensors for the first time with MHIAE equipment because of the energy-saving benefits to the customer. All being well, we would definitely use them again. The client is very pleased with the results in the actual office where he sits and now we are hoping to keep everyone happy and fit out the rest of the depot.