Employees hold the key to net zero success, says Ideal Heating

The Waterline Summit 2023

Ideal Heating’s Domestic Product Director, Lizzie Wilkinson, joined a panel of business leaders at the launch of The Waterline Summit 2023.

The event focused on the progress made by businesses, large and small, to decarbonise their operations, as well as challenges presented by the net zero transition.

Lizzie spoke about the work Hull-based Ideal Heating has done to involve its employees in the company’s sustainability journey.

Initiatives include the launch of an employee carbon calculator, enabling staff members to understand and positively impact their personal carbon footprint, and heat pump awareness training.

The business is investing £60m at its site in Hull, with a focus on the manufacturing, distribution and development of low carbon heating products, such as heat pumps.

Lizzie told the event:

As a company, we’re diversifying our product portfolio to include heat pumps and similar low carbon solutions.

A big part of our activity is centred on our people – making sure they’re aware of the work we’re doing and are very much part of that sustainability journey.

We’ve also been actively upskilling our team, including our service engineers, so they can work with heat pumps and similar products. It’s an approach that runs right across our business and all of our operations.

There is no single solution to decarbonising homes and businesses. It will be a blend of technologies and low carbon solutions which are needed to make it happen.

At Ideal Heating, we’re well positioned to drive that change. We’ve got the expertise and decades of experience in the UK heating industry to develop these products and get them into homes and businesses.

Delivered by Future Humber and the University of Hull, The Waterline Summit is the Humber region’s largest decarbonisation event, helping to unlock opportunities for clean growth and for the region to lead the UK’s green industrial revolution.

To read more about Ideal Heating’s commitment to sustainability, including a recent visit from Energy Minister Lord Callanan, go to idealheating.com/blog/showcasing-our-investments-in-a-green-future-to-energy-minister-lord-callanan