Elemental partners with the Heat Pump Association

Elemental is delighted to announce a partnership with the Heat Pump Association, to bring you a series of informative content pieces on the latest developments in low carbon heating.

 Upcoming elemental content will include articles and interviews with key industry members, covering the topics and issues that matter on the road to decarbonisation, detailing the obstacles and the possible solutions.

 HPA chair Phil Hurley outlined the need for education in a recent article for elemental Too Hot for Net Zero’ [elementalexpo.com]. In the piece, Phil highlighted the steps the UK needs to take to retrofit homes for Net Zero heating, describing the challenge as “huge, but there is also an incredible and cost-effective opportunity for us to prepare homes for the low carbon future.”

 On partnering with elemental, Phil Hurley said: “We’re looking forward to working alongside elemental to promote the important work of the HPA and offer guidance and information for those seeking knowledge on this huge subject.”

 Elemental’s director Michael Costain said: “It’s great to be working with the Heat Pump Association and helping them to get their vital message out there. The low carbon route is essential for the future of UK heating and we’re pleased to be playing our part.”