Electric Renault 5 to come with bidirectional charger

Renault has launched the future electric Renault 5 – its first car to come with a bidirectional on-board charger.

The bidirectional charger, when combined with the Mobilize Powerbox bidirectional charging station and the Mobilize vehicle-to-grid (V2G) service, will mean drivers can cut electricity costs by selling power back to the grid.

It also means that electric vehicles become a source of energy for homes and the grid, providing additional flexibility, and making it easier to integrate renewable energies into the energy mix. Mobilize V2G will also be available on future Renault electric vehicles.

Corinne Frasson, Director of Energy Services at Mobilize, said:

Thanks to Mobilize V2G, cars become an energy reserve. All drivers have to do is regularly connect their vehicle to the Powerbox to optimize their electricity bill and cut carbon from their mobility. On average, the cost of charging is cut by half. That is how Mobilize’s mobility solutions are more sustainable and affordable.

Thanks to V2G technology, charging is bidirectional. The Mobilize V2G service not only makes it possible to put charging on hold during peak hours but to also inject power back into the home, especially when electricity is expensive, and into the grid when demand is high. Charging takes place when electricity supply on the grid is high and therefore cheaper.

The Mobilize V2G service builds off four complementary components:

  • a bidirectional on-board charger incorporating V2G technology, available on Renault’s future electric vehicles, starting with Renault 5 the Mobilize Powerbox, a bidirectional terminal designed in collaboration with teams from the Software République.
  • a Mobilize electricity contract, provided by technology partner The Mobility House, which guarantees carbon-neutral electricity and serves to monetise energy injected back into the grid through automated bidirectional charging management.
  • a smartphone app used to program bidirectional charging, simply by setting the time when the vehicle is going to be used next and the desired battery level.

The future Renault 5 electric will be the first in a long series of cars to come equipped with the bidirectional charger. The architecture integrates hardware such as natively reversible electrotechnical components and electrical-current management software, which will provide ongoing access to the Mobilize V2G service while preserving battery capacity.

The Mobilize V2G service will be available from the launch of Renault 5 in France and Germany in 2024, then in Great Britain in 2025.