DosaFil launches first solid inhibitors for residential heating

DosaFil says its solid paste alternative to liquid chemical treatments will provide benefits in transportation, safety and carbon footprint.

Water treatment specialist DosaFil has applied its success with solid inhibitors and biocides for commercial heating to the residential sector with a range of products that it says is far lighter and less hazardous to handle and transport than liquid products, while offering no leakage or spillage,

The company adds that the DR range has additional environmental benefits, by not requiring plastic bottles and canisters that will ultimately go to landfill. The use of cardboard packaging offers an embodied carbon reduction in the region of 97 per cent over conventional plastic canisters, DosaFil claims.

The products being launched comprise: DR1 solid inhibitor sticks, DR2 Solid Cleaner sticks; DR3 Solid heavy duty cleaner sticks; and DR4 Solid biocide sticks for heat pumps and underfloor heating.

DosaFil notes that the new residential products have been tried and tested on commercial systems for a number of years but have now been resized for smaller residential systems. The chemicals are also in many cases the same or similar to those used in solution in liquid chemicals, the firm adds, with the fact that the solid product gradually dissolves in the system allowing for far better distribution of the chemical dispersed around the system than a dose of liquid solution. The company reports testimonials from customers that its solid chemicals and dosing devices products ‘have in all cases been as effective as the traditional liquid chemical approach and in many, significantly better.’

DosaFil also claims its range are the world’s first solid treatment products to receive CIAS certification from NSF.

DosaFil managing director Steve Crick said he was convinced that solid paste-type chemicals that rapidly dissolved when applied to systems was the answer to several issues that needed addressing in the water treatment sector – in particular in the residential marketplace. He said:

We set out to challenge the status quo, creating a safe, easy to install and operate water conditioning system that also addresses common key concerns of modern business, such as health and safety, eco-friendliness and reduction of energy consumption.

The company says the DR range meets all the standards and guidelines that currently exist in the marketplace whilst offering significant benefits to specifiers – principally avoiding leaks and spillage, together with a significant weight reduction for moving the product in bulk and the carbon reduction that goes with removing plastic containers.

The company emphasises the weight difference in comparison to liquid systems: a typical treatment for a 100 litre system with liquid chemicals weighs around 1.16 kgs, whereas the DR product weighs 0.09 kg. In addition, cardboard packaging eliminates the need for time-consuming washing processes or disposal of bottles and canisters.

Commercial Director John Lynch added:

These are very exciting times for DosaFil Residential Technologies. Currently 97% of chemical water treatment uses liquid products. So we have a huge market to target and massive volume potential – when those using these products see the penny drop that using solid water treatment products that will be able to be used through introducing the products via filters or towel rail radiators as they wish, will save them time, money and contribute towards sustainability and reductions in emissions and plastic waste. We received exceptionally positive feedback from a number of major players in the marketplace at our stand at InstallerSHOW– we’re confident that they and other manufacturers will be keen to take a closer look at what we have to offer.