Consultation published to relax heat pump planning requirements

The government has published a consultation on changes to Permitted Development Rights in England, which includes proposed changes to planning rules around air source heat pumps.

Open until 9th April, the consultation covers:

  • Changes to certain permitted development rights which enable householders to improve and enlarge their homes.
  • Changes to the building upwards permitted development rights which enable the upward extension of a range of existing buildings.
  • Changes to the permitted development right which allows for the demolition of certain buildings and rebuild as homes.
  • Changes to the permitted development rights which enable the installation of electrical outlets and upstands for recharging electric vehicles.

On the subject of heat pumps the following proposals are included:

  • Removing the rule that you cannot install an air source heat pump within one metre of a property boundary without planning permission.
  • Increasing the maximum permissible size of an air source heat pump under permitted development from 0.6 cubic metres.
  • Subject to the creation of a methodology to assess noise emissions from multiple heat pumps, permitting two air source heat pumps within the curtilage of a dwelling under permitted development.
  • Allowing the installation of more than one unit in stand-alone blocks of flats, subject to prior approval.
  • Amendments to Class G of Part 14, particularly the clause “the air source heat pump is used solely for heating purposes” to allow air-to-air heat pumps to benefit from the same permitted development rights as air-to-water heat pumps.

Responses can be given on the following survey: