Carrier launches chillers to meet data centre demand

Carrier's 30XF chiller

Carrier has launched a new range of high performance chillers specifically aimed at data centres, designed to minimise energy use and carbon emissions while cutting running costs for operators.

The Eurovent- and AHRI-certified AquaForce 30XF units are available in capacities from 400kW to 2100kW and are based on Carrier’s proprietary screw compressors, which the firm says ensures efficient, reliable operation and long working life.

The air-cooled screw chillers are equipped with an integrated hydronic free-cooling system and variable-speed inverter drives. These combine to deliver energy savings of up to 50% during total free-cooling operation, the manufacturer says.

The chillers, available on ultra-low global warming potential refrigerant HFO R-1234ze(E), feature what Carrier calls an ‘ultra-fast’ recovery system that can resume 100% of cooling output within two minutes of power being restored after a power cut. This ensures cooling is maintained for critical servers and data protected. Variable-speed fans further increase energy efficiency and support quiet operation at part-load, the company adds.

The chiller can operate in a wide range of ambient conditions, from -20 deg C to 55 deg C, making it suitable for use in cold, temperate and hot climates, with Carrier’s smart monitoring system ensuring optimum efficiency and performance.

The chillers units feature a dual power supply (400/230V or 400/400V) and incorporate an electronic harmonic filter which automatically monitors and maintains the quality of the power supply, preventing damage to the chiller’s electrical components and improving overall system efficiency.

The hydronic free-cooling system is available in a version for applications where glycol cannot be used. This uses glycol in the outdoor unit only, together with glycol-free indoor units. The removal of the glycol enables the size of the indoor units to be reduced by up to 15%.

Raffaele D’Alvise, Carrier HVAC Marketing and Communication Director said:

The AquaForce 30XF has been designed specifically to meet the strict environmental, efficiency and reliability requirements of data centre applications, and to ensure servers keep running cool around the clock. It will help data centre operators achieve their budget and sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, while providing excellent resilience and extended working life.

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