British Gas gives heat pump warmth guarantee

woman turning on radiator
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British Gas has introduced its Warm Home Promise, guaranteeing customers their money back if a heat pump does not warm their home as effectively as a traditional gas boiler.

The promise is designed to reassure those worried switching to a heat pump will mean a cold house.

Andrew Middleton, Managing Director, British Gas Zero, said:

Heat pumps are an important part of helping the UK lower its home emissions to reach our net zero targets so we are doing all we can to increase take up. We recognise that the transition from a boiler to a heat pump can be daunting and want to reassure our customers that they can effectively heat their home, even through the coldest spells in Winter. Our engineers are ready to guide consumers through this process and we are making sure they are as affordable and accessible as possible.

For the right home, heat pumps are a highly efficient and effective heating solution being typically 350% efficient compared to the best boilers at 90 – 95%. At British Gas we will only install a heat pump if it will work as well as a traditional boiler. And if for any reason a customer’s heat pump is not heating their home as expected, we’ll guarantee them their money back.

The new heat pump offer includes:

  • Five Year Guarantee – British Gas heat pumps come with a five-year guarantee and its expert engineers will provide a free service before the winter to make sure the heat pump is in top working order.
  • Lowest cost install – British Gas prices are from £499 in Scotland and £2,999 in the rest of the UK per install, but they will match anything lower offered by another company for a MCS credited install.
  • Quick install – British Gas engineers are available to install a heat pump if you need to replace a gas boiler and the engineer will do a survey on your property.
  • Efficient heating solution – British Gas won’t install a heat pump if it can’t heat your home effectively on the coldest days. Instead, they will suggest a different carbon-saving option. If the heat pump doesn’t heat the home to the agreed temperature, then British Gas will give your money back.
  • Expert Installation and advice – On the day of installation, your installer will explain the differences and will show you how to operate your heat pump in the best way possible – and check in a few days later to make sure everything is running smoothly.

For more information visit: Air source heat pumps – British Gas