British Gas creates carbon calculator

British Gas has created a calculator allowing households to see how they could reduce their emissions by switching from gas central heating to a heat pump.

The results also give context, allowing users to see other carbon-saving measures and how they compare to heat pumps.

British Gas says that by switching to a heat pump, a UK home could lower its annual household emissions by 1,404Kg of CO2, on average – the equivalent of 3.3 flights from London to New York and switching to a vegan diet for four years (based on the average UK household’s annual energy consumption of 12,000kWh).

In addition, it says that if the country reaches the government target of 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028, the annual amount of C02 saved could be equivalent to the carbon produced by the Space X rocket launching 7,262 times.

Check out the Carbon Cruncher here: