Amazon Alexa has announced that customers can access an energy dashboard via the Loop Energy Saver skill to help them better understand their energy consumption.

The update gives customers the option to monitor energy usage by connecting their smart meter, via the Loop Energy Saver app, to see their household energy consumption, with simple commands such as “Alexa, show me my energy dashboard”, and “Alexa, how much energy am I using?”’.

Amazon is also working with the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ) on its new Help for Household campaign It All Adds Up. Alexa has been updated with the latest energy saving tips from and customers are able to ask “Alexa, give me some energy saving tips” to hear a number of affordable tips to get ready for winter and to conserve energy. The experience will be available via Amazon Echo devices and on mobile, via the Alexa app.

In addition, Amazon Echo devices offer a low power mode which automatically reduces energy consumption when the device is idle. Customers may also choose to set up personalised Alexa Routines via the Alexa mobile app to ensure that all compatible connected light bulbs are turned off when not in use.

Visit Loop Energy Saver Skill to learn more about how Alexa can help customers understand their household energy usage.