AirEx smart air brick added to Warmer Homes Scotland scheme

AirEx being installed

AirEx Smart Ventilation Control technology has recently been added to the range of energy efficiency measures offered under the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.

Warmworks Scotland, which manages the scheme, has confirmed that AirEx will be deployed in Scottish homes with suspended ground floors to help cut unwanted draughts and help residents manage their energy bills while managing moisture in homes.

AirEx is a  smart air brick technology that uses IoT-enabled sensors to regulate otherwise uncontrolled airflow: the air bricks close to maximise thermal efficiency and open to assist with damp prevention.

The introduction of AirEx technology will result in improved energy efficiency ratings, with a typical household living in a 3-bedroom semi-detached home could see an average reduction in overall fabric heat loss of 12%,. In addition, thanks to its recent recognition by the BRE, AirEx installation results in a 2-5 SAP (EPC) point improvement for each home.

AirEx installation process

The installation of the AirEx system is described as quick, simple and hassle free. It takes a certified installer around an hour per home to fit, with no wiring or specialist electrical work is needed. The AirEx team is working with Warmworks to provide training across the WHS installer network, enhancing the skill set of the local supply chain.

Ross Armstrong, CEO of Warmworks, said: “We’re pleased to be working with AirEx to include this innovative technology among the suite of measures on offer through the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.   With more than 27,000 homes across Scotland already supported to improve their energy efficiency since the scheme began in 2015, the AirEx smart brick technology will be offered to suitable homes alongside existing heating and insulation measures, with the goal of helping the scheme’s customers to be more comfortable at home, and to better manage their energy bills.” 

Agnes Czako, CEO & Co-Founder of AirEx, said: “Our team at AirEx are incredibly excited to work with Warmworks to help deliver the Scottish Government’s fuel poverty targets. We believe the Warmworks team’s strong commitment to end fuel poverty and improve residents’ quality of life are perfectly aligned with our mission. Warmworks has an outstanding track record for delivering to the highest possible standards and fantastic customer satisfaction, which makes them an excellent partner with AirEx. There is huge potential for low-cost, easy-to-install energy efficiency solutions – the uptake of energy efficiency measures has to date been very much impacted by the disruptive nature of installation methods. AirEx will be a fantastic addition, helping all stakeholders achieve #NetZero.”